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June 29, 2012
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Unyve + Reedt by ElephantWendigo Unyve + Reedt by ElephantWendigo
This spam about my OCs will end soon. I hope


The last Emperor of the Moors, Unyve (pron. YUNA'-EEV), is threatened by an evil presence, better known as the Witch, Kikloh. At first, Unyve thought it’s just a mere Palace conspiracy, then he became aware the Gods was against him and they no longer wanted him to govern his Empire.

First, Kikloh tried to kill him few times and forced him to escape from the Imperial Palace, with the help of Saktoo, a 16 years old girl, and Krauss, her brother.

Saktoo guided him to the Aether, the residence of the Gods, to talk with one of them, and understand how to move.

At Aether's gate, Unyve was cursed by the Arcanum Tienne (totally inspired on my brother), god of the V Sky. After the curse, Unyve is no longer the same and he’s not able to pray for help as the Emperor anymore.

The whole world will be divided into two factions: the first will support the Emperor and help him to escape from this threat, the second will consist of Kikloh Nuvat Shye Menisse and Yone, the Gods, or Ellegis, who want to take over his Empire. Five other Gods will help the Emperor: these are Tienne, Nothi, Maxima, Inhom, and Adya.

Ellegis Hierarchy

The ones in the First Sky are the most powerful, so the ones in the Fifth sky are the weaker.


II sky - NOTHI & SHYE (they were lovers)


IV sky - ADYA & NUVAT (they’re rivals)


Description of Unyve

Unyve is the main character of the ‘Last Heir of Versewil III’. He’s Versewil son, you can guess, and his father died in unclear circumstances.

He is a spoiled boy who lives his life sitting on a throne, apparently doing nothing. He has a bad temper and he is never grateful, even though he’s only 19.

Beyond this, he is highly educated and read many books, he knows lost and ancient languages and is able to speak and understand them.

He is an open-minded political figure. He hopes that one day the Empire would be no longer needed, and he would all men to be equally free. But he’s a guy full of contradictions and, before that happens, he hopes to finish his term, at least.

Description of Reedt Malar

Meet Reedt Malar (used Bastien Bonizec as reference) <3

He’s better know as ‘the ferryman’. He’s 29. Light brown hair and hazel eyes. He’s lieutenant on the prototype 751 (an aerostat property of Krauss).

He has the same mark of Unyve on his chest. It’s the Tritailed Circle, the sail of Tienne the Arcanum, used to avoid possessions by The Witch (Kikloh - Yes! She can actually possess people).

One of the gods, Adya, donated her power to him (I can’t tell which power eheh).

He’s so gallant and ready to sacrifice himself for saving the Emperor Unyve (he was Unyve’s sitter when he was young, so they’re really good friends). Totally a gentlemen, he’s also a smiling person.
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great profiles
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Very nice portraits!
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RayeSesshyFan Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh no, do keep up the OC spam, I love seeing original characters :D Especially when they're men with stubble!

Man, I'm envious of your ability to draw like this. The only good thing I can do is eyes and that's it XD
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