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Submitted on
July 14, 2012
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Sat Jul 14, 2012, 1:00 PM
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Contest Starts:

TODAY!! July 14th 2012

Contest Ends:

September 9th 2012 (23:59 gmt +1)


You have to represent =ElephantWendigo's Original Characters (List here:… following the theme "FOUR ELEMENTS".
The Elements are: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER. 
You may use just one element, 2 or more, or all of them in the same image or literature piece, but remember that the characters must be the focal point of the image.
The FIRE Element could be represented by match, explosions, smoke, torch, lava, shot, etc.
The EARTH Element by ground, earthquake, rocks, plants, nature, wood, sand, etc.
The AIR Element by wind, wings, flying, clouds, storms, hurricanes, etc.
The WATER Element by taps, abysses, ponds, fishes, rain, bath, ice, etc.




You must draw ElephantWendigo's characters following the theme "FOUR ELEMENTS"
The subject of the picture must be the character, not the theme itself. 
You don't have to draw all the Four Elements in just one picture, just one is required at least, but you can draw more of them in the same picture, if you want.
You can mix my character in a single picture in every way you want: be sure you're respecting their personalities. You may also create new couples, and destroy the older ones.
You can join the this category with how many entries you want. 
Your work can be in black and white or in colors.
Background are very welcome but the characters must not be too small into the picture. Their face must be visible. 
Blood, nudity, violence, dark themes are allowed. Strict mature content flag is not allowed.
It would be better not to participate with sketches or messed up works.
Bad quality photos of traditional art won't be accepted. Edit it with a software!

You can participate in this category with Traditional, Digital art and mixed media, drawings and illustrations. Every style is allowed.
Vectors, artisan crafts and oekaki and Muro drawings are allowed. 
Abstract and fractal art is not allowed, unless is just in the picture background. 
Comics and baloons and written parts are not allowed. 
Cosplay photography and paper dolls are not allowed.



You must create a fiction written SHORT CHAPTER or PROLOGUE using ElephantWendigo's characters and show at least one element to remind the theme 'FOUR ELEMENTS' into your short story.
Poetry is not accepted in this category.
You can join this category with just one entry
The maximum lenght of the chapter must be of 2000 WORDS (Tools>Word count in Word or 2 pages in Word in Arial 11)
No sex is allowed in this category! Follow the dA rules. Blood, nudity, violence, dark themes are allowed, though. 
Strict mature content flag is not allowed.




* Only =ElephantWendigo's original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fanarts)
* You can find the list of the characters here -> [link] 
* This contest is open to EVERYONE. You don't have to ask first.
* The characters should be one at least, or six at the most (any animal NOT count as a character). 
* You may add some animals to the picture, if you like, but they must not be anthros. A not recognizable crowd can be added in the background, though.
* The characters must be recognizable. Don't change their outfit if it's written they don't change their clothes.
:new: * You could make the character facing a situation unusual for him. Also you could change the OCs clothes, and design new clothes for them, in the same style the usually wear. 
:new: * If you want to make a character in costume, regalia, suit, is perfectly fine. 
* You can mix characters from different stories and create cross-overs and new pairings. 
* You can draw or write about gay couples and hetero couples.  
* You can't change the sex of a character.  
* Strictly mature content is not allowed!

* The entry must be a NEW DEVIATION made exclusively for this contest and it must be uploaded on DeviantART. 
* In your deviation comment you MUST mention this CONTEST, providing a LINK to this journal entry. The contest creators icons are optional but appreciated. 
* You're entry can't infringe the DeviantART rules. 
* You MUST credit all the resources or references you used and provide a link to them.
* You CAN'T use Copyrighted resources and materials, or part of someone else's gallery for making your picture, except for textures and resources.
* Just one entry per participant can win! You can't be selected as semifinalist in two categories. 

* Don't offend or contest judges votes in any case. 
* Judges can't participate in the category they're going to vote, but can participate in the other. Contest creators can't participate in the contest.
* Donors can take part in the contest.
* Your work can be added to as many dA groups as you want.

:new: FAQ :new:

- You can't draw my OCs in animal form.
- You don't have to understand my OCs personality. Don't be afraid of getting them wrong. Just avoid to draw them in absurd situation. Ask if you're not 100% sure about your idea. If you have difficulties with them, you can still draw them as pinups, so you won't need to get their personality at all. 
- You can add accessories to the characters' designs. You just have to make them in the same style of the character. 
- If you want to make the character facing a situation unusual for him/her, you could do that.
- You CAN'T use part of my gallery or someone else's gallery for creating your work! This is stealing, and you may be reported!
- You can use ANY of my character as you like. Mix them together, creating new couples, or drawing just one of them. You don't have to pick just OCs from the same group/comic, though. This means you can make cross-overs.
- You can enter in both categories, but you can win in just one.
- You don't have to color or shade the drawings.
- There's no limit of entries per person for the VISUAL ART category. 
- The limit is of 1 entry per person for the LITERATURE category. 
- Ice could work as WATER element, and SAND could work as EARTH.



Send a NOTE to =ElephantWendigo with the subject "FOUR ELEMENTS CONTEST", providing the THUMBNAIL or the LINK to your entry. Messages will not be accepted. 
When your entry is accepted, it will be added to a new journal just for entries.




1st Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 2000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 12 Months Premium Membership or 2,396:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: ElephantWendigo - CG half-figure in colors
*Newsha-Ghasemi - Bookmark single character monocromatic (theme with single flower)
=SnowAngelRika - Full body colored with background
~Delubra - Fullbody in pencil
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital piece of choice
*Sho-kun - Bust in colors
*noblestallion - Cell-shaded portrait
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Waist up drawing
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait
~Yephire - Semi-realism colored portrait
CuddlyCat1 - Full color waist up picture

2nd Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 1000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 6 Months Premium Membership or 1272:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: ElephantWendigo - CG half-figure in black and white
*Newsha-Ghasemi - Bookmark single character monocromatic (theme with single flower)
=SnowAngelRika - Full body colored
~Delubra - Waist up in pencil
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background 
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital fullbody
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Bust drawing
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait

3rd Place VISUAL ART Prizes

:bulletred: 500:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 3 Months Premium Membership or 636:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: ElephantWendigo - CG bust in colors
=SnowAngelRika - Half-body colored
*Ilman-Lintu - Sketch 1 character + background
~Mnemesyne - Traditional or digital half-body
*DarthTanuki - Cell-shaded chibi
~avymus - Full body sketch
~PKLdesigner - Vector portrait


1st Place LITERATURE Prizes 

:bulletred: 2000:points: from Points Donors
:bulletred: 12 Months Premium Membership or 2,396:points: from =ElephantWendigo
:new: ElephantWendigo - CG half-figure in colors 
*SandroRybak - Work in colors
~Delubra - Waist up colored
*Ilman-Lintu - Illustration for an existing story of the winner
~Mnemesyne - 3 drawings of an already written piece of the winner
*Sho-kun - Bust in colors
~avymus - Waist up drawing

Judges 'Visual Art' category

:iconelephantwendigo: :iconthiefmarine: :iconandaglas:

Judges 'Literature' category

:iconelephantwendigo: :iconandaglas: :iconilman-lintu:

The work will be judged on the basis of:
* Use of Theme and Characters
* Technical Skills
* Accuracy
* Originality
* Visual impact/aesthetics

25 Semi-finalists will be selected by the Judges and there will be another voting for selecting the 3 winners.

IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT US... can FAV this Journal! :+fav:. You could also donate points to the donation pool on my main page, or art.
Thank you!

Any question?
Send a note or a message to =ElephantWendigo.

Good Luck!

You can win over 2000 :points: and dA Premium Membership.
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SundaySunny Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
is it...over?
ElephantWendigo Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, many months ago.
SoulEaterMakaChan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh already over >< too bad .. my internet didnt work so i couldnt submit ^^
elotta Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Just finished mine, send you a note as well:) [link]
Yuukia-Hime Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
I am so in on this! *gets drawing!*
Yuukia-Hime Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
is this still open?
ElephantWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yes! It's still open :9
Yuukia-Hime Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Already started on it!
wahidArts Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will donate a realistic digital painting of anything the winner chooses.
Under one condition, I will draw the exact portrait/scene/etc. the winner requests, I won't change anything the winner decides to change in the painting.
ElephantWendigo Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
At this point I'm not accepting prizes anymore. I'm really sorry.
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