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January 15, 2013
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Spreading Semi-Realism appreciation!

Tue Jan 15, 2013, 3:36 PM
cloud rhapsody by anndr
'Cloud rhapsody' by anndr

Since I believe the efforts of semi-realism artists are not sufficiently appreciated, because there are so many fantastic illustrations in this style that does not have the right visibility on here, I decided to create an article to advertise these artists that are, for me, the 'new faces' of this fashionable and yet so difficult art style.
First of all, Semi-realism is a drawing style derived from mangas but more complex in terms of style. Indeed, if we want to be more precise, it is the missing link between mangas and digital art. No giant eyes but neither skin blemishes. 
I would really appreciate if dA could add a category for this particular art style but I can easily admit the boundaries to define this style are very labile.
Well, after this brief introduction, I'm featuring some samples of this style from really talented people. Many of these artists came directly from the manga world, but perhaps not fully satisfied with it, they started to complicate their lives for real. Because semi-realism is difficult, really. You must know anatomy and other boring stuff, but BLAH BLAH BLAH. Too much talking. 
Enjoy this little feature. I hope you will find some new artists to watch and stalk (in alphabetical order). 


::: Pillow of Your Bones ::: by aKiRa-666 ::: see me forever ::: by aKiRa-666 ::: Waiting ::: -for ethe- by aKiRa-666


++ COMMISSION ++ GREYSON by alexzappa miss the summer. by alexzappa ++ COMMISSION ++ Kei by alexzappa


rufio o o o by AMSBT  Hunhan by AMSBT Elegance by AMSBT


 namemarcus by andrahilde  Creator meets Creation by andrahilde comemylady by andrahilde


Gun n' Sword by anndr White Praying Mantis by anndr Opalus by anndr


AT - Cuts by Cashile Tranquilien by Cashile F - A Forgotten Portrait by Cashile


   Red Paint by Faelicia


Adrian II by Gerwell The Golden Ashes II by Gerwell 


face your demons by Skopt


 AC - Altair by offrecord AC - Wings by offrecord


Ousatsuhei by psydrevo gen by psydrevo ice cold by psydrevo


ants by andaglas   Kreep by andaglas


A by Virus-AC XXXIII | Vampire Maverick by Virus-AC AC II by Virus-AC 

Dulcis in fundo! I hope you enjoyed the journey! :heart:

Sorry if my English is awkward. It's not my mother tongue ^^'
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BloodTalonHero Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Amazing artwork.s I hope they include a semi-realism option.
Sugar-H Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Great choices, hope it becomes an official category some day.. ^^
arashi-chi Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Oh yes.Thank you for wpreading their art around,because they're so awesome :>
guelpacq Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student
These are all just really amazing! I've been practicing drawing for a few years, and during that time, I realized that drawing in semi-realistic/comic style is the way I want to do that.

If you see some of my works, most of them are character design sketches. I started studying more about art in college since last year, and in my spare time, I started learning and practicing how to color my sketches with traditional and digital tools not too long ago.
Elvenwyn Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm actually practising the semi-realism style and yes, it is very hard, but it's harder when applying it to line art and leaving the line art there like in comics. Although as hard as it is, it's not stopping me I like the style and have fun with it.
anniefelis Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
This post will probably get me some dislike, but...

There is no "semi-realism". There is photorealism (where things look as they do in life), and then just plain realism, meaning something is grounded in reality even with slight stylization. Those artists you're featuring? Realism. They're not super-stylizing things to the point that they don't look like they're part of our reality anymore.
shuu-washuu Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
...okay, read some comments in the mean time, and I'm not really sure, because apparently art like this [link] is not counted because it's too close to manga. So I guess I ended babbling something stupid in my previous post xD
That was just a theory, and observation, anyway!
anniefelis Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
I'd still say there are realistic aspects to that. Look at the lighting. It's stylized, but it's still based off reality so I'd call it realism.
shuu-washuu Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think semi-realism was coined somewhere around time many manga-artist started to learn to draw in more realistic fashion, but still kept things pretty enough to not be considered "realistic" [see, for example *heise ]. I've heard and seen numerous arguments about many of the pictures featured here that they can't be considered realism, because the man don't look like that, because hair don't work like that, because faces don't have shape like that, because the eyes are too big etc, etc.
Also I think the sort of mentality "I learned to draw from manga, I still don't have enough proper training in realitic painting, to call stuff I do realism, look it's also not really realistic!" comes here too.
So instead in fighting and changing to be more in the in rules of the term, they just made another one that didn't bear the same, I dunno, seriousness as realism.
Elvenwyn Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You're right some people would dislike you for saying that and you are right. I do not want to start an argument if this has the possibility to become one, but I actually saw on DA someone give this style a different name (not semi-realism or realism) and that name was anime-realism although I guess it more applies to pictures like this [link] when people put anime into the realism style (I could be wrong). Although I think the reason people see this style as semi-realism/anime-realism is because the skin in the pictures is too smooth and perfect to be real as well as other features of the characters which are just too good to be realistic. Also I think when people think of the realism style they think the person must have pores in the skin like in these pictures [link] and [link] as you might see the realism has been taken a step or two further than the pictures in this journal.
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